Monday, 15 July 2013


                                                                                  PUBLIC NOTICE
Notice is hereby given to general Public and the person/firms/corporate establishments/suppliers/Govt or semi-Govt .Departments, BANKS and or any establishments who  deals  or has any business connection with the following firms, namely B.N.Chowdhury & Sons and its branches NIVEDITA and Chowdhury Highway Service   AND other two business establishments CHOWDHURY BHAI & AUTO SYNDICATE  all are situated and handling their business operations from different addresses at and within the jurisdiction  of Berhampore & Murshidabad P.S. of W.Bengal; with effect  from 8th of July,2013              stand as dissolved by virtue of a letter of dissolution  AND  in consequence of death of one of the partners late Asit Ranjan Chowdhury. All are requested to refrain from any further business  transactions  with those firms or branches; If any business transactions done after this NOTICE , it will be at their own risk and responsibility.

Issued in public interest by:
Sree Niher Ranjan Chowdhury, one of the surviving partner of :    1. B.N.Chowdhury & Sons and its branches,  2.Chowdhury Bhai, & 3. Auto Syndicate  of Berhampore, Murshidabad.  

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